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Custom Fragrance

Custom Fragrance

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Jane and I are about to welcome our first child, and are limiting our business activities. Custom scents will resume at some point in 2024. -Kevin, Nose at Sfumato

Sometimes you need a scent that is completely unique.  

Personal Scent Creation

Create a scent that is unique to you during a two-hour personal scent appointment at the Sfumato flagship store with the nose of Sfumato’s scents, Kevin Peterson. We will discuss a series of questions about the scent and gather information on the memories and emotions you have built up around scent through the course of your life. We will smell numerous notes and chords to build your fragrance over the course of your appointment. You will go home with a sample of your new custom scent and a standard (60mL) bottle will be sent later.  The recipe we develop will belong solely to you and can be re-ordered at any time.

Other Scent Inquires

If you're interested in a custom scent for an event, your business, or have questions about cocktail or culinary pairings, art installations, or other fragrant questions related to the world of scent we'd love to talk.

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