Who We Are

Sfumato Fragrances is a niche perfumery based in Detroit, Michigan, producing entirely botanical scent products, including gender-inclusive natural perfumes and colognes, incense, and custom fragrances. Obsessed with the science of scent, we focus on creating completely unique aroma profiles with culinary inspiration.

Our Philosophy

Natural ingredients. Culinary principles. Small batches. Learn more about our guiding principles.

More Offerings

Incense + Candles

Our handmade, entirely natural incense and candles are the perfect way to subtly... 

Kevin's Epiphany

  • The Meaning of Sfumato

    Sfumato is an Italian word, meaning “turned to smoke, or vapor.”  This is very appropriate, since almost immediately upon one of our fragrances leaving the confines of its bottle, it turns

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  • A Rose By Any Other Name

    There used to be a time when the only things that looked like roses were roses, and the only things that smelled like roses were roses. Those were simpler times. You could

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  • Scent and Memory

    Scent and memory are tied together in a variety of weird ways, but there are two factors that

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Scented Cocktails at Castalia

Sfumato’s retail space transforms into a scented cocktail bar, Castalia, by night.

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