• The Meaning of "Sfumato"

    The Meaning of
    Sfumato is an Italian word, meaning “turned to smoke, or vapor.”  This is very appropriate, since almost immediately upon one of our fragrances leaving the confines of its bottle to travel the universe, it turns to vapor...
  • Flavor and Fragrance

    Flavor and Fragrance
    Sfumato fragrances are based heavily in culinary ideas because fragrance and flavor a...
  • The Nature of Naturals

    The Nature of Naturals
    We use ingredients that are created by plants. The best chef in the world cannot make...
  • A Rose By Any Other Name

    A Rose By Any Other Name
    There used to be a time when the only things that looked like roses were roses, and the...
  • Scent and Memory

    Scent and Memory
    Scent and memory are tied together in a variety of weird ways, but there are two factors that are really important for the sake of this discussion: