Custom Fragrance

Our sense of smell is very individual, and sometimes you need a scent that is completely unique. Whether it be an event, something for yourself, or a new product line for your business, we would love to work with you. All custom scents include a two-hour appointment at the Sfumato flagship store with the nose of Sfumato’s scents, Kevin Peterson. We will discuss a series of questions about the scent and smell through numerous notes and chords to build your fragrance over the course of your appointment. After our consultation, you will go home with a sample of your new custom scent.

The possibilities are endless but just to give you an idea:

  • Does it contain certain ingredients (grapefruit, cloves?)
  • Does it smell like something else you have smelled before (mossy tree)
  • Does it evoke a certain emotion, memory?
  • Do you have a name for it in mind?
  • Are there words you associate with it (soft, powdery, heavy, musky, clean, sweet, …)
  • Does it fit into one of these fragrance families (spicy, floral, woodsy, heavy/sweet, citrus-y, green) or maybe a combo of the families?



Based on the outline of your melody, we will try a number of individual fragrance notes, and see if they bring any ideas or associations to mind. Your immediate emotional reactions are very important here. You can continue to refine the outline of your scent as well. More words usually help. Don’t worry about the intensity or longevity of any given note, this is either easily adjustable or completely out of my control; just focus on whether or not you like it, and what kinds of ideas or feelings arise when you smell it.  

Based on your responses to the individual notes, note combinations are chosen for you to experience and comment on. More feedback and words are welcome.  The complexity is important here, as often scent combinations produce unexpected results.

Your responses to the note combinations determine what will be used for your custom fragrance recipe, and we’ll refine the blend until it makes you smile.

You will receive a custom bottle of your scent along with exclusive rights to the formula.  Pricing for re-ordering depends on the ingredients (typically ~$90/60mL).

At Sfumato we only use natural ingredients because we believe they have a depth and complexity that aren’t matched by synthetic ingredients. There’s also something philosophical about putting mother nature on a pedestal that we really like. With regards to making a custom perfume for you, there are a couple consequences of using only naturals. Some specific scents, like peach, ocean breeze, mango, and plenty others, just don’t exist as a natural extraction from plant material, so there are some effects we can’t replicate (especially if you are trying to achieve a scent close to a designer brand or department store fragrance, which often contain synthetic ingredients). The final product will also be more ethereal and stay closer to your body than a scent that is boosted with synthetic ingredients. The scent will likely last 3-4 hours, and not extend much past arm’s length. We like to mention this up front, because it is not the expectation some people have in a scent, but we believe subtlety is one of the most important ingredients with regards to fragrance.

Finding a custom scent should be an enjoyable, relaxing, thought provoking process for both the customer and perfumer, but it is also time-consuming and involves a wide range of esoteric ingredients from around the world.  The costs cover time and material, as well as guarantee you a unique formula that won’t be duplicated for anyone else.


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