Natural Incense

Our handmade, entirely natural incense is the perfect way to subtly enhance the aroma of any space. Because we use only botanical ingredients, this incense has a depth and complexity you will love. Whether used for rituals like meditation, yoga, or just to bring a subtle beauty to your home, our core-less incense releases gentle wisps of fragrant smoke as it is burned.

Each glass tube contains 20 handmade incense sticks, created using only natural resins and essential oils that are  kneaded together with makko. Makko is one of the only types of wood powder that can both be formed sticks and sustain an even and continuous flame, making it the foundation of natural incense.

Based in Detroit, Michigan, our shop is in a Victorian mansion built in the 1880's. The retail space transforms into a cocktail bar in the evening, where craft cocktails inspired by fragrance notes are served in the intimate, 18-seat bar.

Our incense has gained fans all over the world, and has scented mansions, lofts, apartments, and everything in between, adding an invisible aura of luxury. The New York Times even included it in their 2019 Holiday Gift Guide!

Founded by husband and wife Kevin Peterson and Jane Larson, Sfumato embodies both science and art. Kevin has degrees in physics and engineering, and is fascinated with how brains perceive scent. He creates all of our fragrant products. Jane studied art and design, and cultivates Sfumato's visual aesthetic.

Our Petrichor incense has the calming scent of wet earth after the rain. Made using vetiver, the rich, grounding scent is reminiscent of a walk in the woods during a gentle rain shower.  
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Hypnagogia is the heavier and more narcotic incense, evoking dreams and reveries. ​The fragrant ingredient in this incense is labdanum, which is a thick resin with a delightfully sweet and delicately floral scent. 
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