About Sfumato

We are Sfumato Fragrances, a husband and wife collaboration based in Detroit. We create scents from trees, flowers, herbs, and spices.  Kevin is the nose of the company, blending our compositions by engaging olfactory skills honed in the culinary world. Jane is the eyes, using her background in art and design to create the visual aesthetic.  

All of our fragrances are made completely from plants. Our preference for natural materials, over the synthetics prevalent in most modern scents, is philosophical.  The complexity innate to natural ingredients offers subtlety and nuance, which we find to be highly desirable qualities in a fragrance. As our fragrances unfold in time and space, they hover at the edge of consciousness and evolve noticeably as you wear them.  Additionally, because natural ingredients have been in use for millennia, and because olfaction is tied to memory in many strange ways, breathing in our scents is like a time bomb from pre-history, wafted and whiffed for untold generations, with a shock wave resonating across ten thousand years and a terminal node in your nostrils. We tie together the rich history of scents while raising and exploring questions still unanswered. Through Sfumato we seek the ties between fragrance, science, flavor, and experience with open minds.

Breathe deeply and enjoy the unfolding.



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