Bourbon & Old Books

Our newest scent is Bourbon & Old Books. Bourbon is aged in oak barrels, and as the wood structure of the barrel breaks down over time, it produces the scent flavor components that give the bourbon its character. These are exactly the same molecules that give old books their wonderful aroma, due to the slow aging of the paper. Strangely, identical molecules also arise in various baking spices and perfumery ingredients. Bourbon & Old Books is based on exactly those same natural components.

We went about the creation of this scent in an unconventional way. We worked with six Detroit bartenders and a local bourbon expert to create the scent. We nosed bourbon (we chose Maker's Mark 46), and compared the scent and flavor to a library of scent ingredients, adding and subtracting fragrance notes until we hit the right aroma profile to capture the roundness, the bite, and the smooth finish.

For the full experience, when wearing the scent we recommend sitting next to a crackling fire, pouring a glass of your favorite tipple, and reading your favorite old book.

All Natural Ingredients: Denatured Alcohol, Benzoin, Cistus, Cacao, Coffee, Cognac, Mimosa, Peru Balsam, Pink Pepper, Styrax, Sea Buckthorn
Available in a 60mL atomizer for $105.


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