The Science of Scent

“Did you ever measure a smell? Can you tell whether one smell is just twice strong as another? Can you measure the difference between two kinds of smell and another? It is very obvious that we have very many different kinds of smells, all the way from the odour of violets and roses up to asafetida. But until you can measure their likeness and differences, you can have no science of odour. If you are ambitious to find a new science, measure a smell.” —Alexander Graham Bell in 1914.  

The science of scent remains an unsolved mystery, although we perform experiments to deepen our understanding every day and put into practice with our primary scents. Biology, physics, psychology and philosophy all have roles in Sfumato’s scents unfolding with life. From the plants that turn dirt and sunlight into heavenly aromas, to the random walk a molecule takes on its journey to your nose, and the way your brain interprets these scents to the thoughts they inspire, to explore these questions is why we exist.