Scented Cinema

Coming late April 2020
Have you already watched everything in your Netflix queue? Are you tired of the same old thing, and ready for an unprecedented movie-watching experience? Yes, that's right, adding a scent-track to a movie.
We are offering a limited release of our newest product: Scented Cinema. We have created custom scents to pair with certain movie scenes, adding a new dimension to taking in a film. Although previous versions, such as Smell-o-Vision and Odorama were hardly commercial blockbusters, we are introducing several enhancements that will bring scent-enhanced movies into the modern era.
While we have been mulling this idea over for some time, we feel there has never been a better time to experiment with new methods of watching movies. Scent has incredible, visceral power to enhance emotions and memories, and experiencing Scented Cinema will be a truly unforgettable experience.
The details: Our first movie pairing is Wizard of Oz. We have created 7 custom scents to pair with certain scenes in the film, and a Scented Cinema kit contains a small sprayer vial of each. Each scent is designed to be sprayed into the room at a precise moment. For ease of use, we have created an app that will subtly alert you to the proper moment to release each scent (a list indicating the proper release times will also be available).
And for the full experience, we recommend starting Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album when the MGM lion roars 3 times. 
Relax, settle into complete sensory immersion, and enjoy this classic film as you never have before.
We are awaiting some minor packaging components and a final version of the app, so for the moment, are only collecting names of interested parties. We will be releasing ordering information to this list by the end of April.