Food and Fragrance

Food, in part, fueled Sfumato’s development as co-founder Kevin Peterson’s experience in culinary school led to his first olfactory foray. After creating dishes with complex flavors, textures and temperatures that excited different parts of the palette, he began playing with different combinations of natural essential oils to create layered scents.  

His interests are closely aligned with the  still-new field of neurogastronomy, which studies the interactions between scent, taste, and other sensory or internal stimuli to create an experience.

We believe fragrance and food should work in harmony to intensify, rather than change, the dining experience. In our experiments, we pair a food and a beverage with each of the signature Sfumato scents for a four-course meal. The meal is structured to parallel the base, middle and top notes of our fragrances. The food itself is like the base, the middle notes are the seasonings and flavors, and the top notes are the Sfumato scents wafting through the air. 

Our scent structures are mirrored by the spices and ingredients of the food and drink. Sfumato has hosted a number of scented dinners that combine culinary dishes, drinks, and fragrance to explore this interplay.

Sfumato scents hover at the edge of conscious awareness and help you appreciate a moment. During delicious dinners, there is a time when conversations stop and there are faint sounds of satisfaction. Although not particularly remarkable, these moments might be the meaning of life.