Burton & Levy

Jason Burton, founder of Burton & Levy, is a tamer of beards.  He cuts heavy duty, metal beard combs from brass and steel, sufficiently strong that they can be carried anywhere.  His early training as a metal smith and weapon’s maker lends an entirely new perspective to grooming, and it was this perspective I wanted to capture when he and I began working on a scent.  Because Jason is not just skilled with his hands, but erudite as well, I decided we needed a larger than life muse for this scent.  A being both warrior and scholar, with an out of control beard: Odin. 

The scent of Odin should smell of large, bearded men.  Perhaps a bit rough on the outside, but having a smoothness within, a subtle sweetness.  The animalic nature of spear battles and wolves, must exist alongside the rarefied scent of the mead of poetry.  Cumin over tobacco, and cistus with cedar, the smooth, the hard, and the unforgettable all join together in Odin.

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